Roses dans de L’eau – (roses in aqua)

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Woah! You are going to LOVE this template! It’s just beautiful – of course the credit there goes to Sarah at Totally Severe who made the stunning background!). Her site is one of my favourites on the whole internet – NOT EVEN JOKING! – and most definitely one that deserves more appreciation!

Her background images are stunning – check them out here. She did not pay me to say this and she probably thinks I am a mega weirdo for being so in love with her images.


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PS: you have probably seen this template for download on Yes, that’s true.  I am now going to offer some of my templates on this site too.

Flower Pink Border – Free Template

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I made this template a looooong time ago and I keep getting loads of traffic from Mashable (hello to Mashable people!) but it’s kinda old and I have heaps of better templates these days! But, if pink, flowers or borders tickle your fancy – this may be the template for you.

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