Blogger FAQs

Here are some of the most common FAQs regarding my pre-made blogger templates. If you have a question about something else, please contact me.

“Can I use these templates on WordPress/Tumblr etc?”

NO, sorry. These pre-made templates are ONLY for Blogger / Blogspot.


“Heyyyy! I bought a template but never received it!”

Check your spam folder for the email with the download link. You have 24 hours and 4 attempts to download the .zip file. If you need it to be re-sent, just let me know and I will organise it. Also, you will receive the template via your paypal email address.


“HELP! I can’t install it!”

Instructions on how to install can be found here. Please read these and be careful not to miss a step.


“Hey, why is my header image blank? Why isn’t my blog header showing up?”

All my pre-made templates come with a BLANK header image that you have to edit yourself. You can then edit this header image in your favourite graphics program and upload to your blog. For instructions on how to create it in Pixlr, click here. For instructions on how to install the header image, click here.


I don’t like the content you have listed in the navigation bar (about me, contact me etc). Can you change it for me?

This is actually content, not part of the design…. so you can change it yourself!
Just add new “pages” and then edit the “pages” area in the LAYOUT area of Blogger to ensure they show up. Easy peasy!


Can you make my header image for me?

Yes. Click here to purchase.


“I like this template but can you change it a bit for me….?”

The pre-made templates are offered as is. However, I can make alterations for a small fee. Click here for more details.


“Can I use your templates on a commercial blog?”

Yes. You may use these templates for commercial or personal blogspot/blogger blogs.  However, they must not be re-sold or shared.


“Can I share this with my friends/family/strangers on the internet?”

NO! This is a single user license only.  The templates are not to be shared, re-sold, re-distributed in any way whatsoever unless specific written permission is given by me.


“Can you make me a custom template?

Why yes I can! See here for my custom design page and to get in touch.