Create a header image

How to make your header image:

You will notice that all of my premium templates come with a blank .png header image (usually titled BlankHeaderImage.png).

To add your blog title to this image you can use Photoshop or a similar graphics program.

If you do not have any graphics software then don’t panic, there are some amazing (free!) ones online that you can use:

  • Aviary – this is really awesome – use the Phoenix editor to edit general images.
  • Editor by Pixlr – I like this one because it’s really easy to use and it can handle transparent pngs without issue. It also loads fast and works well.
    Good news = BOTH ARE FREE!!!

Once you had added your own title/description, save the file as a TRANSPARENT PNG!
Saving it as any other file type may mean you lose the transparency (if applicable to your template).

I have made a video tutorial on how to make your own transparent header images: How to create header images